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Winding Down
Thank you for 20 Great Years.

After 20 years of bringing you the best beers in the world, Bravo Beer Co is in the process of winding down the business.  Thank you all for your support over the years and all the best to you in the future.

cheers - leanne


Rare Belgian Beers
Must Have

Every Beer Enthusiast will love to try these rare and limited edition beers from Belgium. Available at Private Beer Stores. Ask for:

SKU 104743 Oude Geuze Megablend 2021.  A collaboration of Horel Lambic Brewers for the Tour de Geuze, a biennial lambic beer tour, produced 40,000 bottles of Oude Geuze Megablend and 264 of them are in BC.  99  

SKU 129268 Oude Geuze VanderVelden 137.  Young and aged lambics matured in Italian wine foeders.  99

SKU 160575 Green Walnut 2019.  Fresh, brewery grown walnuts are fermented with lambic beer fermenting in wooden wine barrels.  Perfect with Blue Cheese.  97

SKU 377069 Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2020.  Aged in oak barrels.  Each bottle is numbered and comes in a wooden box.  Very limited availability.  BC received 96 bottles.  99

SKU 76554 Kwak Gift Pack.  4 bottles of Belgian Amber Ale with it's unique glass and holder in a gift pack.  91

SKU 719625 Karmeliet Tripel Gift Pack.  750ml bottle of Karmeliet, 2 beautiful etched glasses in a wooden cage.  99



Supply Chain Issues
Still in turmoil

I am disappointed that the special beers I ordered last April for Christmas 2021 are still not available to order.  They have been at the warehouse for weeks now, but have still not cleared customs and there is no timeline for their clearance.  

They would have been wonderful Christmas gifts, but, alas.....not meant to be. 

Global Shipping Congestion
Delay of Orders

The shipping community is experiencing severe logistic difficulties due to port congestion, availability of empty containers, overbookings, backlogs, schedule delays and port of call cancellations.  Carriers are declining additional bookings until March.  Additional difficulties are being experienced due to labour shortages due to the pandemic, insufficient capacity of the port and intermodal infrastructure and vessel delays. 

This directly affects our business and, unfortunately, means out of stock issues will continue to be a problem until the backlog is cleared up. 

I'm sorry for the delay of your some of favorite beers.  We are working with our freight forwarders to get our products into BC as soon as possible.

Christmas Price Reduction
For a Very Merry Christmas

SKU 99521 Piraat Red Fruit Ale W: $2.35/bottle, 24*330

SKU 104527 Oud Bersel Barrel Select W: $6.30/bottle, 12*375

SKU 115466 Scaldis Prestige de Nuits W: 15.07/bottle, 6*750

SKU 122107 Kastaar Special Hop W: 2.42/bottle, 24*330

SKU 137899 Oud Bersel Rosenlambiek Beer Box W: 37.01, 3.1L box

SKU 137904 Oud Bersel Kriekenlambiek Beer Box W: 38.93, 3.1L box

SKU 145003 Satan Gold W: $9.24/4 pack, 6(4*330)

SKU 213623 Monk's Cafe Grand Cru Flemish Bruin W: $2.28/bottle, 24*330

SKU 222026 Timmermans Oude Geuze W: $4.36/bottle, 12*375

SKU 227342 Oud Beersel Bzart Lambic 2016 W: $13.97/bottle, 6*750

SKU 313171 Karmeliet Tripel W: $19.03/bottle, 3*1.5L