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Bards Beer
Bards Beer now in Tall Cans

The worlds first 100% gluten free malted sorghum beer has been repackaged into 4 packs of 473ml tall cans.  Get yours at BC Liquor Stores, private beer stores and restaurants.  Ask for SKU 193590.

On Sale throughout December
Christmas Specials

Great gift ideas for the Tough-to-Buy-For.  Great Beers in Special Packaging

  • SKU 3250 St. Sebastiaan Grand Cru  = less $0.80/bottle
  • SKU 31042 Straffe Hendrik Wild Taster Pack = less $5.00/6pack
  • SKU 76554 Pauwel Kwak Gift Pack = less $2.55/gift pack
  • SKU 115466 Scaldis Prestige de Nuits = less $2.55/bottle
  • SKU St. Sebastiaan Dark = less $0.80/bottle
  • SKU 227342 Bzart Lambic 2016 = less $2.00/bottle
  • SKU 349910 Gulden Draak = less $0.31/bottle
  • SKU 420216 Scaldis Prestige = less $2.00/bottle
  • SKU 719625 Karmeliet Tripel Gift Pack = less $2.25/gift pack


Sept '19 LTO
On sale Throughout Sept
Sunday, September 1, 2019 to Sunday, September 29, 2019

Satan Black SKU 122110
W: $2.86, R: $3.69
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Satan Gold SKU 145003
W: $11.11, R: $13.99
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Satan Red SKU 163857
W: $11.11, R: $13.69
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Peche Mel Scaldis SKU 161547
This product staledates Januray 31 2020
W: $1.19, R: $1.99

Bards Beer SKU 193590
6(4*473ml) cans
W: $10.49, R: $13.49

Saison Dupont SKU 219261
W: $5.29, R: $6.79

Straffe Hendrik Quadruple SKU 368654
W: $6.93, R: $9.09

Sunday, September 1, 2019 to Sunday, September 29, 2019
Aug 2019 LTO's
July 28-Aug 31 2019 Sale

SKU 30650, Straffe Hendrik Tripel - $1.00 off per bottle

SKU 72793 Karmeliet Tripel - $0.50 off per bottle

SKU 122107 Kastaar Special - $0.50 off per bottle

SKU 129186 Bellerose IPA - $0.50 off per bottle

SKU 818625 Chapeau Apricot - $0.75 off per bottle.

Clearing Customs Now (July 25 19)
Summer Ain't Over Yet

Our delayed shipment of summer beers are here and ready for our summer drinkers now that summer is finally heating up!

SKU 84098 Blanche de Bruges, or Brugs Tarwebier
24*330ml, 5% ABV
W: $2.99/bottle
Winner of the 2018 World Beer Awards - Best Wheat beer
From the historic city of Bruges, Brugs Tarwebier is refermented in the bottle using only west Flemish hops

SKU 104527 Oud Beersel Oude Geuze Barrel Select Foeder 21
12*375ml, 6.5% ABV
W: 8.99/bottle
Foeder 21 was used for white wine in the past and this lambic has matured for four years in it.

SKU 104527 Oud Beersel Megablend 2019
12*750ml, 7% ABV
W: $13.25/bottle
From the 2019 Tour de Geuze, HORAL presents Oude Geuze Megablend 2019. This Oude Geuze is a blend of young and old lambics from 8 different Lambic producers, blended by Oud Beersel.

SKU 183503 Limburgse Pear & Apple Witt
24*330, 4.2% ABV
W: $2.75/bottle
Brewed from pears and apples from the local fruit region this beer sparkles with all the fruit flavours and subtlety of a wheat beer.

SKU 18303 Limbrugse Strawberry Witt
24*330, 4.2% ABV
W: $2.75/bottle
Limburgse Witt with touch of light, sweet strawberries.

SKU 213623 Monks Cafe Grand Cru
24*330, 5.5% ABV
W: $3.20/bottle
You asked for it, we got it. Monks Cafe Grand Cru is a blend of 3 year old aged and young tripel ales. It is aged 6 months in Oak Casks giving it the Flemish Sour profile.

SKU 576256 Gulden Draak Brewmasters Edition
6*750ml, 10.5% ABV
W: $12.50/bottle
Back by popular demand. Matured in whiskey barrels for a distinctive flavour and smooth finish.