Rare Belgian Beers

Must Have

Every Beer Enthusiast will love to try these rare and limited edition beers from Belgium. Available at Private Beer Stores. Ask for:

SKU 104743 Oude Geuze Megablend 2021.  A collaboration of Horel Lambic Brewers for the Tour de Geuze, a biennial lambic beer tour, produced 40,000 bottles of Oude Geuze Megablend and 264 of them are in BC.  99 Ratebeer.com  

SKU 129268 Oude Geuze VanderVelden 137.  Young and aged lambics matured in Italian wine foeders.  99 Ratebeer.com

SKU 160575 Green Walnut 2019.  Fresh, brewery grown walnuts are fermented with lambic beer fermenting in wooden wine barrels.  Perfect with Blue Cheese.  97 Ratebeer.com

SKU 377069 Straffe Hendrik Heritage 2020.  Aged in oak barrels.  Each bottle is numbered and comes in a wooden box.  Very limited availability.  BC received 96 bottles.  99 Ratebeer.com

SKU 76554 Kwak Gift Pack.  4 bottles of Belgian Amber Ale with it's unique glass and holder in a gift pack.  91 Ratebeer.com

SKU 719625 Karmeliet Tripel Gift Pack.  750ml bottle of Karmeliet, 2 beautiful etched glasses in a wooden cage.  99 Ratebeer.com