Brewery de Hoorn

The village brewery in Steenhuffel owes its name to a 500-year-old inn. Once the name 'De Hoorn' had been confirmed, it was maintained throughout the centuries whenever anyone spoke about the property. Only a few documents of brewing activities have been preserved from the earliest years of the De Hoorn brewery A statement of account for excises in 1724 indicates that it produced 9 hl of brew. Most of this was 'brown' beer, and the brewery produced the biggest volumes in the village at this time.

De Hoorn beer also found favour at Diepenstein castle: according to a receipt from 1710, Theodoor Cornet had a barrel of 'half beer' and a barrel of 'good beer' delivered. During the years after that, Cornet regularly ordered beer for the workers at the castle, for the local militia during their saint's day celebrations, and for the hunters on St. Hubert's day.

In 2014, Palm Belgian Craft Brewers restored the 300-year-old village brewery to her former glory. A micro-brewery was opened to experiment with herbs, spices, hops, fruit and wood, and was christened De Hoorn. Degustation brews of around 1,000 litres are produced here, which corresponds exactly to the capacity of the very first brewing installation.

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