Chapeau Cuvee Oud Gueuze

Chapeau Cuvee Oud Gueuze
Country of Origin: 
Style of Beer: 
Belgian Lambic
File Under: 
Belgian / Continental Style
Product Description: 

By mixing young (one-year old) Lambic with older Lambic a second spontaneous fermentation in the bottle is obtained. The result is called GUEUZE.

The beer pours with a very fluffy, pillowy, pale colored head which is lightly hazed, gold-straw colored. The aroma is of ripe farmhouse cheese as well as notes of straw and wheat. The beer is extremely tart and sour up front and finishes with a solid astringency with hints of lemon and tart grapefruit flavours. Warming brings out a hint of acetic spiciness that boosts the complexity even a bit more. Very light and spritzy. Beer and Food Pairing: Cheese (buttery; Brie, Gouda, Havarti, Swiss, sharp; Blue, Cheddar, pungent; Gorgonzola, Limburger)

Tenability: 2 years at least after bottling

Alcohol Percentage: 
5.50% ABV
42 945
Selling Unit: 
Case Configuration: 
12 x 375ml
Price per Selling Unit: 
5.55$ CAD
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