Deus Brut des Flandres

Deus Brut des Flandres
Country of Origin: 
Style of Beer: 
Biere des Champagne/Biere Brut
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Belgian / Continental Style
Product Description: 

It’s stunning – I’ve never had anything like it. - Garrett Oliver
Other great beers might approach, but not quite match the delicacy of DeuS – Michael Jackson

Primary and Secondary fermentation at Bosteels, transferred to the Champagne region of France were it is treated much like a champagne with month long bottle conditioning. The bottles inverted and the yeast expunged and bottle re-corked. Presented in 750ml champagne-style corked and caged bottles. Pours with very aggressive and vigorous carbonation

Beer & Food Pairing: Seafood, Thai, Mediterranean, pork, poultry, Curry, highly spiced cuisine, pizza, blackened meats, aperitif, tangy cheese, salads

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Alcohol Percentage: 
11.50% ABV
415 208
Selling Unit: 
1 x 750ml
Case Configuration: 
6 x 750ml
Price per Selling Unit: 
20.15$ CAD