Brouwerij de Troch

A unique Belgian artisan beer brewery of fruit beers that started more then 100 years ago. Brewery De Troch is a pioneers is his work, making one of a kind Gueuzes, Faros and Lambic fruit beers.

GUEUZE and KRIEK are brewed by age-old methods which depend on spontaneous fermentation and ripening. In the first stage a mixture of malt, wheat and water is prepared. During the process, the starch is transformed into sugars suitable for fermentation. The mixing is repeated several times over. A liquid is obtained by filtering the mix. This is the wort, which ultimately becomes beer. Matured hops are added to the wort, which is then boiled for 4 to 5 hours so that it reaches a density of 5 Belgian degrees. After boiling the by now useless hop buds are removed. The wort is then cooled in shallow vats. The outside air is allowed to pass freely over the large open vats. This air is essential to the brewing method, as it contains the micro-organisms which give LAMBIC its unique flavour. For this reason LAMBIC brewing is a seasonal activity (October to end April). The cool wort is then run into tubs before being directly transferred to casks. A few days later the main fermentation process becomes evident with the appearance of foam in the bung holes. The beer is then allowed to ripen on oaken casks which hold about 650 litres each. This is the true spontaneously fermented LAMBIC.

By mixing young (one-year old) Lambic with older Lambic a second spontaneous fermentation in the bottle is obtained. The result is called GEUZE. When our cherries are added to the casks of Lambic a drink is obtained after about 5 months called KRIEK, which has a very special flavour and a red colour. FARO is another traditional specialty, and is obtained by sweetening the spontaneously fermented Lambic with crystallized sugar. After bottling, both GEUZE and KRIEK are stocked for 7 to 8 months in the cellars of the brewery so that they can continue to ferment further in the bottle. GEUZE and KRIEK for a couple of years in your own cellar - just like any good French wine.

Country of Origin: 
Region of Origin: 
Wambeek (Ternat)