Brunehaut Organic Tripel Bio

Country of Origin: 
Style of Beer: 
Belgian Organic Tripel Ale
File Under: 
Belgian / Continental Style
Product Description: 

Top fermentation and bottle conditioned ale. The beer is de-glutenize during the brewing process. It is a 100% natural operation which allow to keep all the flavours and taste. A sample of every batch is sent for analysis to an official laboratory. It must achieve a gluten level under 20 ppm to be sold as "gluten free".
Rich golden color and a 3/4 inch head that holds. The head is foamy and bright white and the ne’er bubbles brilliantly. The aroma is complex with earthy tones, grass, malt and medium-rich yeast. The head is crisp, aptitude and refreshing and the flavor full and complex. Its a full bodied full flavored mixture of mostly Belgian yeast shadowed by some refreshing malt and orange peel and lemongrass notes. The lacing is thick and blanketous and the brilliant white color of it screams refreshment. Delirium Café, Brussels, Belgium writes: “I can’t believe this beer is gluten free. It has got to be the best I’ve have.”

Alcohol Percentage: 
8.00% ABV
837 468
Selling Unit: 
Case Configuration: 
24 x 330ml
Price per Selling Unit: 
3.65$ CAD
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