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Joe Leary Just Here for the Beer AM650
Just Here for the Beer Radio AM650
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just Here For The Beer Radio is Canada's only dedicated beer radio program designed to enlighten and inform today's consumer of the ever-increasing variety of breweries and varieties of craft beer available, as well as meet some of the most decorated and acclaimed beer makers throughout British Columbia.

Presented and hosted by Vancouver broadcaster and beer enthusiast Joe Leary and co-hosted by Rick Mohabir, Managing Partner of Vancouver's premier beer event company.

7:00pm on radio AM650

Just Here for the Beer Radio is a fast-paced, informative and entertaining one hour radio roundtable chat show, chock full of new product, beer innovations and upcoming beer-related events and industry information.

Just Here For The Beer Radio…select Wednesday’s at 7:00pm on AM 650

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Brewery Creek glass give-away
Buy 2 Karmeliet Tripel - get a glass.
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 to Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brewery Creek

Open 11am - 11pm 7 days a week

3045 Main Street, Vancouver BC

phone: 604-872-3373

While quantities last.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 to Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Win a trip to Belgium
Become a Gulden Draak Ambassador

We all know that Gulden Draak is the best beer in the world, now here’s your chance to win a trip to Belgium just for enlightening others. BECOME A GULDEN DRAAK AMBASSADOR

It’s easy!

Go to: and sign up to become a GULDEN DRAAK AMBASSADOR!! (please see the website for contest rules and regulations) . New contest starts September 2012.  Sign up page

Now, tweet, blog, facebook, host panels, events and just generally chatter to others about Gulden Draak to develop your own Gulden Draak Community! (Contact Leanne at to help you develop your community events for Gulden Draak.) Get the Gulden Draak buzz happening. Tell everyone to go to the website and vote for YOU as the best GULDEN DRAAK AMBASSADOR. Post on the website what you are doing to educate, entertain and generally enlighten your community. The better your community, the better the chance of being named GULDEN DRAAK WORLD AMBASSADOR and winning a free trip to Belgium.

One person from each country will be named the COUNTRY AMBASSADOR and win special prizes and one lucky winner from all the ambassadors will be named the WORLD AMBASSADOR. This person will win a trip to Belgium with an assortment of exciting events so make sure your Gulden Draak Community shines!

You know you’re going to be talking about it anyway so sign up for a chance to WIN!

More New Brews being received today!
These beers still need to clear customs and should be available for order next week.

A small order of SKU 46557, Caracole Amber is being received today. Limited quanitites!

Spec 376517 Page 24 Blanche Witt

Belgian Wheat Beer (Witbier), 4.9% alc/vol, $3.95/bottle, 12*330ml

Award winning Blanche Witt from 2008-2011. Very clear and naturally cloudy, Page 24 Witt develops a flavour of citrus fruit. Lightly tangy, not bitter and particularily refreshing. Beer and Food Pairing: smoked salmon, sole, peppery cheeses, salads, all seafood.

Speci 738534 La Cherie

Belgian Fruit Beer, 5% alc/vol, $2.95/bottle, 24*250ml

Traditional white ber with a lite cherry flavour. A very good, fresh, sweet cherry taste without being overpowering and a slight bitterness and acidity. Beer and Food Pairing: Light cheese, salads, poultry and seafood.

Spec 512194 Blanche de Charleroi

Belgian White (Witbier), 4.5% alc/vol, $2.95/bottle, 24*250ml

The careful selection of wheat give this traditionally brewed white ale a cloudy aspect with bittersweet flavour, a generous roundness and a fruity and refreshing character. Beer and Food Pairing: Light cheese, salads, poultry and seafood.

cleared, active and ready for consumption

It's been a battle, but the following products are ready for sale. 
Spec 398172  Nordlinger Premium Pilsner
German Pilsner
4.6 %alc/vol 
20*500ml bottles,  2.95/bottle
Nordlinger Premium Pilsner is smooth and tangy.  Although the aroma is heavily hopped, the taste is delicate and tangy.  
Limited quanities
Beer and Food Pairing:   firm fish or shellfish, fried or spicy food. Pilsners also serve well as an aperitif
Spec 864355  Rieser Hefe-Weizen
German Hefeweizen
5.5 %alc/vol
20*500ml bottle ,  2.95/bottle
Rieser Hefe-Weizen is a top fermented, unfiltered, bottle conditioned specialty. Mild, fruity and yeast in the flavor. Brewed according to the German Purity Law. Ingredients are locally grown and premium quality.
Limited quanities
Beer and Food Pairing:   Cuisine (German) General (Salad) Meat (Poultry, Fish)
Spec +23382  Scaldis  Amber
91/100 Beer Advocate, 91/100
Belgian Strong Amber Ale    11.8 %alc/vol  330 ml.  $3.49/bottle  24 bottles/case
Unfiltered and Bottle Conditioned This is a sweet beer with a pleasant flavour of hops. The brewer uses a traditional process which consists in placing hops flowers in the vats where the beer rests for four to six weeks by which time it will have reached full maturity, giving it a very distinctive taste
Beer and Food Pairing:   Seafood, Thai, Mediterranean, Curry, highly spiced cuisine, pizza, blackened meats, aperitif, tangy cheese, salads
Spec +161547  Peche Mel Scaldis
Gold Medal 2011 World Beer Championship
Belgian Fruit Ale    8.5%alc/vol  330 ml.  $3.49/bottle  24 bottles/case
The judges at the World Beer Championship said this beer was “delicious and crowd pleasing thanks to its finesse and its taste”. They particularly enjoyed “the honey, citrus marmalade, raisin and cinnamon notes”, along with its “bright amber robe” and its “delicate frothy head”.  Brewed according to an original recipe based on natural peach extracts, the natural flavourings and extracts of the fruit complement the original bitterness of Scaldis Amber to create a rounded and perfectly balanced beer.  Its 8.5% alc. vol. probably makes it the strongest beer with fruit.
Beer and Food Pairing:   salads and desserts
Spec 235325   du Moulin Pilsner
Czech Pilsner   5.3% alc/vol     $11.95/4pack  6(4*500ml) cans
A clear, light, yellow colour with an above average size white head.  An aroma of grains, bread, corn, malts, floral hops.  A very light tasting beer that  differs from the other euro-beers in the sense that it has some light herbal notes.  .Beer and Food Pairing:   firm fish or shellfish, fried or spicy food. Pilsners also serve well as an aperitif