Win a trip to Belgium

Become a Gulden Draak Ambassador

We all know that Gulden Draak is the best beer in the world, now here’s your chance to win a trip to Belgium just for enlightening others. BECOME A GULDEN DRAAK AMBASSADOR

It’s easy!

Go to: and sign up to become a GULDEN DRAAK AMBASSADOR!! (please see the website for contest rules and regulations) . New contest starts September 2012.  Sign up page

Now, tweet, blog, facebook, host panels, events and just generally chatter to others about Gulden Draak to develop your own Gulden Draak Community! (Contact Leanne at to help you develop your community events for Gulden Draak.) Get the Gulden Draak buzz happening. Tell everyone to go to the website and vote for YOU as the best GULDEN DRAAK AMBASSADOR. Post on the website what you are doing to educate, entertain and generally enlighten your community. The better your community, the better the chance of being named GULDEN DRAAK WORLD AMBASSADOR and winning a free trip to Belgium.

One person from each country will be named the COUNTRY AMBASSADOR and win special prizes and one lucky winner from all the ambassadors will be named the WORLD AMBASSADOR. This person will win a trip to Belgium with an assortment of exciting events so make sure your Gulden Draak Community shines!

You know you’re going to be talking about it anyway so sign up for a chance to WIN!