New Year - New Beers

Extra Special Beers for the start of the New Year

I trust everyone has sufficiently recovered from the festive season and are now back in full-grind mode. To help you get back in the groove, we've brought in 2 absolutely incredible beers for your enjoyment.

SKU 37240 Rodenbach Caractere 7% alc./vol.  W:  $13.75/bottle,, R: $16.79/bottle

Rodenbach Caractère Rouge, crowned the World's Best Fruit Flavoured ale at the 2016 WBA, is an extremely complex and refined fruit ale. The brewing process takes more than two and a half years. It is matured for 2 years in oak casks and then spends 6 months macerating with fresh red fruits: cherries, raspberries and cranberries. The ale was developed by the brewery's "fruit master", and since its launch in 2012 has won major awards each year.

Rodenbach Caractère Rouge can best be compared to a young top Burgundy wine, with the same combination of delicacy and power

We managed to get 40 cases.  Get yours now!


SKU 160575 Oud Beersel Green Walnut Geueze 6% alc./vol.  W: $19.95/bottle, R: $24.49/bottle (6*750ml)

Green Walnut is a surprising and innovative lambic beer from Oud Beersel. Made (and named) in the same tradition as Oud Beersel's Oude Kriek, this special beer is made from real fruit.

In July green walnuts are picked; then they are macerated for six months in authentic lambic from our oak barrels. The lambic slowly adopts some character from the Green Walnuts. An initial bitterness from the nuts is tempered and softened as they age in lambic. At maturity, there is a delicate balance between the light acidity of the lambic and the bitterness of the Green Walnuts.

The oak wine barrels give a subtle touch of red fruit to the beer. After refermentation in the bottle, Green Walnut becomes a sparkling seasonal beer that pairs perfectly with blue cheeses, cured hams, and salads with nuts. Green Walnut is produced as a delicate tasting beer.

To experience the full character of the walnuts, it is recommended to uncork the bottle 15 minutes before consumption (or decanting the beer).

Green Walnut 2017 is available in boxes of 6 x 750ml. Quantities are limited but we were allotted 20 cases.  Get yours now!