New Brews for November

Our shipments are starting to arrive and clear customs.  First up, brews from Brasserie Cornelissen (formerly Sint Jozef) and Brasserie des Sources.


SKU 417675 Limburgse Witt - A classic Belgian wheat beer, unfiltered with high fermentation.

5% alc/vol, 24*330ml bottles

Wholesale $2.90, Retail $3.69

Silver Award Winner 2016 World Beer Awards


SKU 743450 PAX Pilsner

5% Alc/vol, 24*500ml CANS

Wholesale $2.36, Retail $2.99

Michael Jackson (Beerhunter) states "I have long enjoyed Pax Pilsner and again appreciated its almost stony, austere dryness".


SKU 392571 Bellerose Winter - Belgian Amber Ale

7% alc/vol, 6*750ml

Wholesale $9.57, Retail $11.79

After the positive reactions towards Bellerose Biere Blonde, a special winter version has been brewed.  It has a ruby red coulour and undergoes generous hopping to obtain even more flavours.  Completed with festive dry hopping, Bellersoe Winter makes a true gift - a biere ruby EXTRA


SKU 611780 Bellerose Blue Lite - Belgian Lite Blonde Ale

4.5% alc/vol, 24*330ml

Wholesale $3.50, Retail $4.29

Bellerose Blue is a light beer made with 3 different hops from 3 continents.  It's ABV gives Bellerose Blue it's light structure.  This delicate beer has a pure gold colour with a fine flavour of litchis and citrus fruit.