New Arrivals from Brasserie Caulier & Dubuisson

Summer Sippin'

Brasserie Caulier has just shipped us a couple of incredible summer beers and we scored a few bottles of Scaldis Blonde Tripel.

604355 Paix Dieu Special, an Abbaye Strong Ale with 10% alc/vol, 12*750ml per case wholesaling at $7.10 per bottle. Paix Dieu (Peace God) is the only abbey beer brewed the nights of full moon. This beer was formerly produced at the abbey of Peace God, and the lunar calendar played a central role. In order to maintain the soul of the abbey, the brewery must produce this beer only once per month, the nights of full moon. The result? A tripel of 10% creamy and full of character; an artisanal beer in the purest tradition of Belgian beers of abbey. Each bottle is vintage to help you compare each mash tun.

693770 Bon Secours Blueberry is a delicious Belgian Fruit Beer with 7% alc/vol, 24*330ml bottles per case and wholesales for $3.50 per bottle. Blueberry Bon Secours is a traditional beer which has been fermented three times and is brewed with blueberries. Whole fruits are added to the brewing boat, a process less and less used for producing fruit beers. No sugar is added. It is first fermented while the mash-tun is brewing, a second time while the fruits macerate in a cold cellar, and a third in bottle. Blueberry Bon Secours pours a dark red color topped by a compact and slightly reddish head. It releases strong aromas of blueberries along with scents of hops and light acidity. In the mouth, the beer is dry and thirst-quenching with fine fruity notes confronted to bitterness and a presence of alcohol sharper than in other fruit beers. You can’t miss this Belgian fruit-flavoured beer.

Also, the incredible but tough to get Scaldis Blonde Tripel is back. Limited quantities so get yours now! 479253 Scaldis Blonde Tripel, Belgian Strong Pale Ale, 10.5%alc/vol 6*750ml bottles per case, wholesale $9.25/bottle. Created in 2008, Scaldis Blonde Tripel is refermented in the bottle and sealed with a champagne cork. This semi-sweet brew is crisp, malty and finely balanced.