Christmas 2016

Special Releases and Gifts for a Joyous Noel

All Christmas beers are suitable for Cellaring

SKU 392571 Bellerose Winter Festive Dry Hopped 24*330

SKU 275610 Finest Beer Selection Timmermans Strawberry Lambicus, Genevieve de Braband, Gordon’s Xmas Beer, Gordons Finest, Bourgogne des Flandres, Martin’s IPA, Martins Pale Ale, Guiness Special Ale  3(8*330ml+opener)

SKU 296020 Diabolici Gift Pack With 2*750ml bottles + cone shaped glass and a wire stand

SKU 192906 Avec les Bon Voeux Means - With Good Wishes 1.5L format

SKU 313171 Karmeliet Tripel Smooth, delicious tripel 1.5L format

SKU 76554 Kwak Gift Pack with glass and stand 6(4*330+glass & stand)

SKU 719625 Karmeliet Tripel Gift Pack with 750ml bottle + 2 glasses in wooden box

SKU 775833 Deus Brut des Flandres Gift Pack with 750ml botle + 2 glasses

SKU 472043 Bon Secours Gift Pack 6(3*330ml + glass)

SKU 507186 Bon Secours Blonde 2L Gorgeous Pewter Handle 4*2L

SKU 747642 Gulden Draak Magnum Eye Catching White Bottle 1.5L format

SKU 432518 Moneuse Speciale Noel Live & Unfiltered 12* 750ml

SKU 676338 Noel de Silenrieux Organic 12*750ml

SKU 882993 Blonde de Noel Rare Blonde Christmas Beer 24*330ml