Because They're Special

A few unique beers.

SKU 122107, Kastaar Special Edition

5.5% alc/vol, 24*330ml

W:3.45, R: 4.29

Live, golden-blond, high fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle yet has a nice, light mouth-feel. Brewed with local “nugget hops”.


SKU 122110, Satan Black

8% alc/vol, 24*330m

W:3.35, R: 4.09

The smoky roasted coffee notes, with aromas of sweet, spicy and bitterness complement hearty meal – red meats, fish like halibut and sweet food - desserts such as brownies and dark chocolate, toffee etc. Old cheese like Emmental, Cheddar together with this black beer is a revelation of tastes and impressions. Live beer.


SKU 115466, Scaldis Prestige du Nuits

11.9% alc/vol, 6*750ml

W:21.52, R: 26.29


Scaldis Prestige de Nuits is aged in oak barrels for six months. It is made of Scaldis Noel aged 7 months in Bourgogne wine barrels from the world famous "Nuits St. Georges" vineyard. The result is an ale of extraordinary complexity and depth.

SKU 210570, St. Sebastiaan Dark

6.9% alc/vol 12*500ml ceramic bottle

W: 7.95, R: 9.69

St. Sebastiaan Dark is a dark, medium to heavy high fermented abbey beer that tastes both sweet and bitter on the tongue. It is a nice, clear beer with a wonderful aroma and, for those who love it, a nice touch of yeast at the bottom of the jug. Live beer.

SKU 227342, Bzart Lambiek 2016

8% alc/vol, 6*750ml

W: 19.95, R: 24.39


BZART LAMBIEK originates from the merger of two glorious traditions; the ‘Méthode Traditionnelle’ for sparkling wines and the spontaneous fermentation for Lambic beers. The result is a natural, sparkling Lambic beer of Belgian origin.

SKU 460216, Scaldis Prestige

11.9% alc/vol 6*750ml

W: 19.97, R: 24.49


Scaldis Prestige matures 6 months in oak barrels. Reviving the traditional use of oak barrels has introduced aromas and tannins that haven’t been experienced in beer for many years. Scaldis Prestige is an exceptional beer thanks to its rounded taste, its rich aromas, the exclusive bottle and the limited distribution.