Bard's Gold

Bard's Beer Co
Country of Origin: 
United States
Style of Beer: 
Gluten Free Lager
File Under: 
Lager Style
Product Description: 

Bard’s Beer is not only America’s first craft-brewed gluten-free beer, it’s also the only beer that’s brewed with 100% malted gluten-free sorghum. It is now packaged in 4 packs of 473 ml cans.

If you remember but one thing about Bard’s, let it be this: We do not take shortcuts.

Unlike our competitors, we include the extra step of malting the sorghum grain in our process. This additional step adds a little extra time and expense to the Bard’s process, but ensures that each bottle delivers the taste and aroma that true beer lovers expect. This exactitude and dedication to the art of brewing allows us to create a beer so rich, so satisfying, so...Bard’s. Many who imbibe this golden lager are compelled to cry out, "Truly, this is a beery tasting beer!" High praise, indeed.

Style: American Lager Ingredients: Sorghum, yeast, hops and water: contains no wheat, barley, rye or oats and is naturally gluten-free Taste: Rich and refreshing Body: Medium Bitterness: Low (20.5 IBUs) Aroma: Floral Color: Amber (SRM 11) Alcohol Content: 3.8% ABW / 4.6% ABV Calories: 155 calories per 12-oz serving Carbohydrates: 14.2 carbohydrates per 12-oz serving Distribution: Twenty-eight states and counting in the US, and select areas of Canada. Hops: Imported Hallertauer Hersbrucker and Imported Tettenang Malt: Proprietary malted sorghum Yeast: German Lager Yeast (Strain #3470) Serving Temperature: 39-45°F

Alcohol Percentage: 
4.70% ABV
193 590
Selling Unit: 
4 pack
Case Configuration: 
Price per Selling Unit: 
12.03$ CAD